2016 Exhibition


List of the Accepted Calligraphers & Artists

“Calligraphies in Conversation” exhibition encompasses an annual group exhibition to endorse the appreciation of traditional and classic calligraphy. The emphasis of this program is initiating a meaningful conversation between different calligraphy traditions especially between the Middle Eastern calligraphy and other calligraphy scripts.

The third Calligraphies in Conversation exhibition was hosted at the Gallery of Fremont Art Association from August 1 to September 23, 2016 with the opening reception and Arabic-Persian calligraphy workshop with Arash Shirinbab on August 3, 2016 at 7 – 9 pm. The Chief Curator of the exhibition, Shirinbab, assembled a unique collection of calligraphic works with range of diverse traditions and styles including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Hebrew, and Western classic calligraphy artworks as well as manifestations of calligraphy in some contemporary and abstract art pieces.
Abdul Baki Bin Abu Bakar – 2 (Thuluth calligraphy man kana yuridu hartha aldunya)
Abdolreza Hosseini Garakani – Mankind
Amol Aaraf – Praises for Lord
Arash Shirinbab – Poem Painting
Crystal Liu – Purity, Ears and Purity Eyes
Elizabeth Nisperos – Kilig
Erika Vincze – Farewell
Forrest Lesch Middelton – Nishapur
Hamedeh Mashiyati – Untitled 1
Hamidreza Safizadeh – Gratitude
Henry Kao – A Taste of Art and Perspective Eye
Janet Martorelli – Image 2
Maryam Vesal – Flower and Bird
Mohan Saraf – Modi Alphabetical
Motoko Kamada – First Poem Brown and First Poem Red
Nafiseh Kalaee – Sun
Nikhat  Qureshi – Alwahab
Nikola Klanicová – On the Self-consistency Principle
Ronald Y Nakasone – Formless Form
Seyyed Mohammad Borhani – Bak00123
Shafaq Ahmad – AIN
Shu Yi Liu – Calligraphy3
Stewart Thomas – Lord Have Mercy
Susan Duhan Felix – Light and Blessing Bowl
Takako Matoba – Susuki Enso

Snapshot of the 2016 Artworks

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  1. Amol Saraf
    Amol Saraf
  2. Nafeeseh Rezaee
    Nafeeseh Rezaee
  3. Ronald Y. Nakasone
    Ronald Y. Nakasone
  4. Erika Vincze
    Erika Vincze
  5. Erika Vincze
    Erika Vincze
  6. Hamedeh Mashiyati
    Hamedeh Mashiyati
  7. Stewart J. Thomas
    Stewart J. Thomas
  8. Nikola Klanicova
    Nikola Klanicova
  9. Elizabeth Nisperos
    Elizabeth Nisperos