Download the exhibition prospectus and terms and conditions here:
Or read them at the bottom of this page.


Special Announcements:

We are glad to inform all that the exhibition is planned to be extended to January 2019. We are in process of finalizing a closing date with Oakland Asian Cultural Center and will announce it shortly.

We do accept scrolls. Scrolls can be larger than the 50 inches limitation. Scrolls do not need to be framed but need to have professional mounting.

We provide framing assistance for the artworks that are sent nationally or internationally without frames to reduce posting costs. After the exhibition, if the artwork is not sold, we will discard the frame and send back the work without framing. The fees are mentioned below:
  • Works on paper under 20 inches: $25
  • Works on paper between 21-50 inches: $35
  • Works on canvas under 20 inches: $35
  • Works on canvas between 21-50 inches: $45

Submission Process


You can take 3 easy steps on this page to submit your works. Make sure to do it before submission deadline on October 1, 2018, before 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

1- PAY SUBMISSION FEE: Submission fee is $15 and is payable by pressing the "Donate" button below. We want to support any artist anywhere in the world, so you can participate for FREE with no fee if you are in a country which you cannot make the payment due to international reasons or you lack the fund. Failure to make the payment of submission fee for any other reason will unfortunately cancel your participation.

2- UPLOAD IMAGES: Upload the image of up to 2 of the artworks you want to participate.

3- FILL OUT SUBMISSION FORM: The Submission Form asks for artist’s information, short artist biography (max 100 words) and artwork specifications (title, actual size, medium, content or translation in English and price in US Dollars, if for sale).

Curators of the exhibition will review the submitted forms and images and will announce the accepted works and artists by October 3, 2018 by email and through this website. Accepted artists may either mail or hand-deliver their original artwork to the exhibition following the instructions below.

Make sure to take all the 3 steps for submission!
Calligraphers and artists anywhere in the world in any levels with any style, script, and language (including but not limited to English, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hindi, Baybayin, etc.) may submit up to 2 pieces to be considered for the exhibition.

There is no specific theme for the exhibition.

We accept classic and traditional calligraphy as well as contemporary ways of using letters in any medium such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, glass, textile art, typography, digital art, and mixed media. We only accept original works; No reproductions or prints are accepted for the exhibition unless the work is created digitally.

Maximum acceptable size for works is 50 inch on either side. This is a physical exhibition, so if selected, the participants should be able to mail (post) their original work to our location in California and be able to provide means for receiving it back. To participate in this exhibition it is not necessary for the calligraphers and artists to be present at the exhibition.

Artwork Donation Option

If returning and mailing back the artwork is expensive, inconvenient, or impossible, or if you want to have your artwork in Calligraphies in Conversation collection, we provide an option of donating the artwork to the exhibition when it is over. We want to highly encourage the artists who are participating from countries with very restricted custom policies, limited access to international mailing, and limited or sanctioned relations with USA to consider donating their artwork to us to remain in our collection for future exhibitions or be participated in our community fundraisers.

Submit Your Works

Pay Submission Fee

Upload the Image of Your Works

$15 Submission Fee
Upload Your Works Here
by clicking on "Choose Files" button in the next Tab
Following this guideline for uploading the image of your works is crucial and if not followed, your participation might be canceled: 

  • Image of the artwork should be jpg, jpeg, or png
  • Please name image files accordingly: Last name, and the title of the artwork. Lastname_Artwork Title. Example: James Smith_Sunset
  • The image of the artwork should not include frame and glass and should be of a good quality that is representable to the curators and then publishable through digital and print media
  • Image of the artwork should be minimum 2000 pixel in the longest side, and between 150-300 dpi in quality
  • The image should be under 5 MB
We want to support any artist anywhere in the world, so you can participate for FREE with no fee if you are in a country which you cannot make the payment due to international reasons or you lack the fund. Failure to make the payment of submission fee for any other reason will unfortunately cancel your participation.

Due to the restrictions of our website, the payment is titled as "Donate" but please note that this is submission fee. On the payment page and on your statement, the name of our payment institution, PEAL will be apeared.

STEP 3: Fill Out Submission Form

Exhibition Conditions

Artwork Mail or Drop off Options

1- Mailing the accepted artwork: Artwork that is mailed should be received between October 22 to November 2, 2018. Artwork that is received after November 2, might not be included in the exhibition.

Artwork that is mailed should have a return label (prepaid return postage which we can use to return the work by mail without extra cost) and should have a secure returnable package.

We will not be responsible to return the mailed artwork that does not have a return label unless the artist has discussed their specific situation or limitations with our exhibition team.

Mailing information:

Organization: Oakland Asian Cultural Center
Person in Charge: Donna Khorsheed
Exhibition: Calligraphies in Conversation
Street: 388 9th St., Suite 290
City: Oakland
State: California
Zip Code: 94704
Country: USA
Curator in Charge: Arash Shirinbab
Phone: 510-283-4518

On the package write "Attention Donna Khorsheed Calligraphy Exhibition"

2- Hand-delivery of the accepted artwork: To Oakland Asian Cultural Center at 388 9th St, Oakland, CA 94607 on November 2 and 3 between 3 – 6 p.m.

Pick Up and Return Details

December 27, 2018 between 3 – 6 p.m. are the pickup date from Oakland Asian Cultural Center at 388 9th St, Oakland, CA 94607.

Artworks that are mailed will be mailed back by January 2019.

Any artwork that is not picked up after December 27, 2018 or does not have a return label or is returned from post office or international custom for any reason, will be remained as our property and might be discarded, used in other exhibition, or used at our fundraisers and auctions in the future.

Artwork Presentation

The original artwork for the exhibition needs to be professionally prepared to be displayed. 2D artworks should be framed well and have a wire for installation on the back for hanging; If the artist fails to do so, we may either avoid displaying the work or install our own wiring system with screws on the back of the frame.

Please include your name, title of the work, and your contact information on the back of your artwork. We use exhibition wiring system with hooks to mount works in gallery and do not nail or screw any artwork to the walls of gallery.

The OACC’s gallery is equipped with 2 display cases, so besides framed works, this year we accept works on paper, folios, manuscripts, treatise, small sculptural works and other non-framed works. Works on paper or folios need to have proper matting for display.  

Saled and Promotion

Artists are encouraged to have their work for sale. Price is determined by the artist. We will retain 40% commission on all sales. Artists are responsible for the packaging, shipment, and insurance of their artwork to the buyers. So, please estimate all the costs associated and then determine the price of your artwork. The price cannot be changed after submitting the Submission Form.

Artists who are participating from countries with limited or sanctioned relations with USA may not have their artwork for sale.

We will actively promote the submitted and selected artworks in the course of the exhibition and beyond through various methods including but not limited to representing the image of the artworks and the artists through email lists, social media, multiple websites, apps, and exhibition catalog to make sure several thousands of audiences will view the works and get to know the calligraphers and artists globally.

Artists will receive an official digital Certificate of Participation via email.


The artwork will be displayed in a safe and secure location within the hosting organizations, and the exhibition organizers will handle the artwork with care. However, the artwork will not be insured by us and the artist understands that the artwork is loaned at risk of the artist and neither the organizer nor the hosting organizations bear any liability in this regard.

Images of artwork submitted may be used in printed and digital formats (including but not limited to the exhibit book, posters and flyers, and online/ digital representations) by the organizations leading the exhibition.


Submitting artwork to this exhibition acknowledges agreement set forth in this Call to Artists. The organizations leading the exhibition may rescind the right of displaying any art misrepresented or unsuitably presented and may change the conditions if necessary.


  • October 1: Deadline for submissions
  • October 3: Announcing accepted artworks and artists
  • November 2 and 3 between 3 – 6 p.m.: Artwork drop-off days
  • November 2: Deadline for receiving the mailed artworks
  • November 8: Opening reception, OACC
  • December 27, 2017: Exhibition closing
  • December 27, 2018 between 3 – 6 p.m.: Artwork pickup and mail back
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