In Search of Hidden Meaning

It is with great honor to announce the accepted calligraphers and artists to our “In Search of Hidden Meaning” exhibition and present to you the gallery of the selected works.

We received over 100 works from around the world including US, France, Hong Kong, Iran, Spain, Japan, South Africa, Canada, Italy, India, and Pakistan. Selecting works among them was a difficult task. We congratulate all the accepted artists and encourage the ones that are not selected to keep up the work and participate in our future exhibitions. To review the exhibition conditions in the Call for Entries CLICK HERE .

List of the selected calligraphers and artists (alphabetical order by first name):

Abdolreza H. Garakani, Arash Shirinbab, Bachrun LoMele, Charlotte Chan, Chris Paschke, Daniel Shaw, Garance Dominique Simond, Elisabeth Burgun, Hamid R. Safizadeh, Hassan Makaremi, Jake Weigel, Kazuko Tanzawa, Leesette Turner, Majid Alyousef, Maryam Vesal, Nafiseh Kalaee, Nikhat Izhar Qureshi, Rita Planchon, Ronald Y. Nakasone, Salva Rasool, Sherrie Lovler, Susan Duhan Felix and Rachel Stone, William Kemp, Yaser Shanjani

Overview of the Exhibition
Thank you for viewing the online gallery of 2017 Calligraphies in Conversation exhibition. This gallery is easy to navigate:
  • Artworks are arranged alphabetically based on the first name of the artists.
  • Size is mentioned by inch.
  • To view the full size image of each artwork and see the description of the work or biography of the artist, please click on the thumbnail image of it and you will be directed to the Full Size Image mode.   
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  • Please fill out the order form and we will contact you to go over details. You would need to include the year of exhibition, name of the artist, and title of the work you want in the form. No need to make any payments at this first stage.
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Exhibition Theme

“In Search of Hidden Meaning” is the theme of the exhibition. What is the hidden meaning behind the passage that you write or get inspired by?

Anything that is thought of or being written, whether a poem, a manifesto, a story, a sentence, or even a word, bring with it different energies and connects with people in different ways. People interpret something that is written in different ways. Are these interpreted meaning hidden in the written words or are they our inner reflections? How do you reflect upon a written passage and interpret it visually through your work. Do you write it directly in a beautiful way? Do you decorate it? Do you absorb it and bring to your art its abstract energy? Do you change it, modify it, add to it?

“In Search of Hidden Meaning” asks you to dig deep down into what you are writing or creating and show the world what you are discovering in it. 

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Overview of the Gallery
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