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Exhibition Theme


“In Search of Hidden Meaning” is the theme of the exhibition. What is the hidden meaning behind the passage that you write or get inspired by?

Anything that is thought of or being written, whether a poem, a manifesto, a story, a sentence, or even a word, bring with it different energies and connects with people in different ways. People interpret something that is written in different ways. Are these interpreted meaning hidden in the written words or are they our inner reflections? How do you reflect upon a written passage and interpret it visually through your work. Do you write it directly in a beautiful way? Do you decorate it? Do you absorb it and bring to your art its abstract energy? Do you change it, modify it, add to it?

“In Search of Hidden Meaning” asks you to dig deep down into what you are writing or creating and show the world what you are discovering in it. 
All local, national, international calligraphers and artists from anywhere in the world with any style, hand, script, language, expertise, education, and cultural-ethnic background. Classic calligraphy as well as any interpretation/manifestation of words in the art are accepted.

Calligraphers and artists in all levels with any style, script, and language (including but not limited to English/Western, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hindi, Baybayin, etc.) may submit up to 3 pieces to be considered for the exhibition.
We accept classic and traditional calligraphy as well as contemporary ways of using letters in any medium such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, glass, textile art, typography, digital art, and mixed media. We only accept original works. 


Calligraphies in Conversation will actively promote the submitted and selected artworks in the course of the exhibition and beyond through various methods including but not limited to representing the image of the artworks and the artists through email lists, social media, multiple websites, apps, and exhibition books to insure several thousands of audiences will view the works and get to know the artists and their work globally.

Artists will receive an official digital Certificate of Participation via email. The book of the exhibition will be published and will be available in print and digital formats and will be distributed through several distribution channels such as Amazon and Lulu.

Calligraphies in Conversation is committed to provide artists with exposure and extensive marketing of their art and accomplishment through our national and international list of curators, collectors, potential buyers, interior designers, and art lovers.

We employ multiple approaches in this regard including digital invitation and newsletter, extensive press release, event listing and calendars, social media marketing, and representations through our partner galleries and organizations. 
Artists that submit their work and participate in our exhibition will be added to our database for our curators who are actively looking for potential artists to showcase or represent their work in physical exhibition through San Francisco Bay Area.
Artists are encouraged to have their work for sale and we extensively promote the works to be acquired. Price is determined by the artist. Please price your work based on your traction, expertise, material cost, and past artwork sales. We will retain 30% commission on all sales during the time that the artwork is represented on our online gallery.

Artists are responsible for the packaging, shipment, and insurance of their artwork to the buyers. So, please estimate all the costs associated and then determine the price of your artwork. The price cannot be changed after submitting the Submission Form.


February 9, 2018: Publishing the Open Call to Artists
March 10, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time: Submission Deadline
March 12, 2018: Announcement of selected works and opening of exhibition/ online gallery
March 12 – June 12, 2018: Exhibition